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There you can also listen to "Le Tou Tou", the new song from de nous!

About de nous

de nous is building bridges worthy to be heard. The band with the singer Pe Bess transform jazz standards and French chansons mixed with the sounds of cello and accordion, flavoured with own compositions and a dash of "savoir vivre". To put together extremes is an integral part of the de nous program:

jazz et java – cool sound sympathizes with French waltz rhythms

Saint Germain et Vienne – the flair of the Parisian arrondissement meets the dark charm of the city on the Danube

nostalgique et hip – modern combined with classic

chanson et Macédoine – French "savoir vivre" is playing with hilarity from the Balkans

Afrique et violoncelle – posh classic-ethno

Gipsy musette à la bulgare – simply sophisticated

Musicians from different nations form the band, founded in 2003. Their common music is a synthesis, shaped by the history and the individual influences of each of the members. The music bow bends far. Jazz, funk, chanson, pop and ethno: the refined polychromatic image cannot be strictly categorised.

The singer Pe Bess, in personality and look an authentic Parisian, has a dark, sensual voice and a magical presence on stage.
Whoever has seen and heard this keeps a lasting impression. Come and see yourself: you will understand de nous no matter which language you speak.

The musicians of de nous

Pe Bess

• vocal and lyrics
• founder of the band, artistic management and organisation "de nous"
• classic ballet studies; studied French and Spanish at the Universities of Graz and Paris; lived for some years in France
• jazz studies at the Vienna Conservatory; followed by Gospel choir and solo performances with chansons
• founded "de nous"– combines through this band her two passions – jazz et chanson.

Aleksandar Pandilovski
• keyboards and compositions for "de nous"
• founder of the band and musical management
• born in Skopje/Macedonia; his father, Ljubomir Pandilovski, who played the first violin and was the leader of the radio symphony orchestra Skopje, inspired his son for his music career
• started playing piano at the age of four and from the age of twelve gave concerts throughout Europe together with his father
• graduated in 1993 at the University for Music and Art in Skopje
• jazz studies at the University of Vienna, since then working in Vienna as independent composer, arranger and musician

Yta Moreno
• Percussion, Drums, Guitar, Composer
• Born in Rio de Janeiro, Yta Moreno is one of Brazil’s finest artists. He is a singer, composer and musician, who plays multiple instruments.
In his home country he has received many prizes and has shared the stage with such Brazilian luminaries as Luis Melodia, Raimundo Sodré and Fatima Guedes, just to name a few.
• Since 1990, Yta Moreno has worked in Vienna as an artist with various musicians, including jazz star Karl Ratzer and various African artists. In addition to performing at Vienna’s Jazz Festival, the Sunsplash Wiesen, and many other festivals, Yta also performs in jazz clubs throughout Austria. The presentation of his first album: "Meus Passos" in January 2002 took place in Porgy and Bess, one of Vienna’s best Jazz clubs.aries as Luis Melodia, Raimundo Sodré and Fatima Guedes, just to name a few.
•Yta’s musical style is inspired by sensual Brazilian rhythms and harmonies rooted in ancient themes from Africa and performed in an often-extraordinary baroque style. Including the Afro-Brazilian rhythm, his approach to performing and composing encompasses many different cultures and musical styles, including the rhythmic beats of funk, jazz, choro and bossa nova music.
He is truly a discovery!

Bertl Pistracher
• bass and guitar
• born in Vienna
• decided to start his music career after having won in 1979 the European music competition "Pop-o-drom"
• from 1981: with the Harry Stojka Express active part of the Viennese musical landscape
• 1982-85 jazz conservatory Vienna with Prof. Hansen, different bands from jazz rock to salsa
• 1985-94 bassist in the band of Falco, different engagements as studio and live musician (DÖF, Hansi Dujmic, Ludwig Hirsch, Hansi Lang, Hubert von Goisern, e.a.)
• 1991-96 Heli Deinböck Band
• currently: Peter Cornelius, Mozartband, "de nous"

Alexander Shevchenko
• accordion

Lenny Dickson
• drums and percussion
• born in South Africa
• since 1984 in Austria, has been playing already years ago with important Austrian music groups: Georg Danzer, Hansi Dujmic and Peter Cornelius, e.a.
• TV, cinema and musical productions: Muttertag, Hinterholz 8, Stadt der Engel
• since 1994 actively involved in country music: Lenny came from Robert Streubl and New West to Nashville Express. Currently engagement at the Burgtheater